Northeastern Illinois University

PSCI 210 Introduction to Political Science
PSCI 216 American National Government
PSCI 315 Electoral Politics
PSCI 318 Pop Culture and Politics
PSCI 325 Public Policy
PSCI 333 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Citizenship
PSCI 341 Public Administration
PSCI 396 Jewish Political Thought
PSCI 401 Classics of Political Science (graduate)
PSCI 414 Political Parties and Elections in the U.S. (graduate)
PSCI 421 Congress and the Bureaucracy (graduate)
PSCI 425 Presidential Power and the Executive Branchh (graduate)
PSCI 441 History and Literature of Public Administration (graduate)

Johns Hopkins University

AS.191.310 American Political Development
AS.191.355 The Military in American Politics

Yeshiva University

POL 2170 Media and Politics
POL 2145 American Constitutional Law

Hunter College

POLSC 110 American Government: A Historical Introduction
POLSC 204.64 Conservative Political Thought in America
POLSC 214 Political Parties and Interest Groups
POLSC 230 The American Presidency
POLSC 340 Constitutional Law: Organizing the Government
POLSC 341 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties