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Image of John Abert
(Col. John J. Abert, Chief, Topographical Corps of Engineers)

My research interests include political institutions, the American presidency, and American political development. Most recently, my book Engineering Expansion: The U.S. Army and Economic Development, 1787-1860 was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. In the book I argue that, notwithstanding its small size, the early Army proved to be a powerful instrument for promoting economic expansion by preserving the rule of law, expanding the nation’s territorial boundaries and making land available for white settlement through expropriation of Native lands, while also fostering engineering and technical expertise and building infrastructure across the nation. The Army was the strongest part of the early American state, forcing us to rethink how we conceptualize the development of the administrative state, the origins of bureaucratic autonomy, and presidential/civilian control over a widely dispersed military force.

Portions of my research have been published in the following articles.

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